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Partnership in Action

               We are called to be witnesses to what we see a holy, loving Creator God doing in everyday life. 

We, and those we partner with...

  • Help university students and recent graduates explore Scripture

  • Bring together professionals in support of faith-based economic development

  • Communicate what God is doing in Moldova

  • Develop young leaders with a passion for seeing God honored in their studies and work

  • Engage friends and colleagues with the good news of deep, lasting life in Jesus Christ

We do this by means of...

  • Mentoring, either face-to-face in Moldova or via the internet (Skype, Zoom)

  • Supporting conferences, retreats, training events, special projects

  • Hospitality and informal gatherings with food and good conversation

CSC Communal Bible Discovery
 Invest Credit Staff
learning from a
PEER Servants Volunteer
Hope College professor Tom Smith lectures at ULIM
(Free International University of Moldova)
Serving CSC Graduates
Speaking to Students in Moldova
Walk for Economic Empowerment
at Ohio State
Borscht Benefit
Moldovan Food and Culture Evening
Moldovans visiting the USA

Michigan–Invest Credit Director Ghena Russu meeting with Hope College Students 

New England–Invest Credit chief of staff Dan Popa celebrates his birthday

Indiana–CSC staff Katya visits Ohio State graduates after Urbana

Food and Hospitality
in our temporary Moldovan home
with CSC co-founder Anatol

Oregon–Alina Russu showing her hosts secrets of Moldovan crepes

‘The fruitfulness that changes lives and nations ripens in the valley of everyday, Monday to Saturday ordinary living.’

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