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In his high school orchestra, co-founder Gary led the second violin section. Years later he realized that he was most effective in the role of a second fiddle, where he could be a support for those with primary leadership responsibility. Playing second fiddle has proven to be what is needed for the work God has asked us to do in Moldova.



Just like an orchestra needs a variety of instruments, God uses a variety of gifts and personalities to accomplish his purposes. As second fiddles our role is to facilitate partnerships, to be sensitive to how our gifts and passions might contribute to “making music” that serves what God is doing in Moldova. 



Because many of the new generation of younger Moldovan leaders value the life experience of older followers of Christ, what we’ve found to be very helpful is just “being available”. Thanks to internet applications like Zoom and Skype, it is possible for ongoing contact in ways not dreamed of when we lived in Moldova. We also visit as often as possible, recently bringing a college professor and students with us.

Microfinance making a difference in rural Moldova

Co-founder Peggy with Iuliana, who has a passion for students


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Gary and Peggy receiving prayer after initial conference for university graduates in 2010


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