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Taste of Moldova

At one time the area we know today as Moldova was on the edge of the Roman Empire. For a millennium the Orthodox Church has been the dominant form of Christianity and for hundreds of years the Ottoman Empire was in control, in the 19th century it was the Russian Empire. Between the world wars Moldova (also known as Bessarabia) was part of Romania. After World War 2 there were nearly five decades of Soviet/Russian Communism.

Independent only since 1991, the people of Moldova have been working against significant challenges as they seek to develop their own identity as a nation and as they strive to make the transition

to  a democratic society and encourage market-based economic development.


The challenges are so great that for many the only hope seems to be to leave Moldova to find employment and a more stable environment. Thankfully Moldova has leaders who believe God cares about their country and wants to see it flourish. These leaders are taking practical steps to encourage their countrymen, to raise up a generation of younger leaders, to provide resources that will enable much-needed economic development, to see the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ released in the ordinary, in everyday life. 

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